So what is the hashtag #JOASILFOREVER? How do we know it’s “forever”, or “destiny”?

What is a Destiny Spouse, and how can I get one? has a mandate to establish waiting, frustrated or actively-seeking singles into marriages that fulfill and empower them, marriages that bring lasting joy to everyone around them. We don’t take this lightly either. Fiker and Ciano have experienced the pitfalls of seeking The One. We know from personal experience how loneliness, desperation, and ugly cycles of waiting can lead singles into a dead end of compromise, unhappiness, and disappointment.

People of all ages, races and spiritual backgrounds are finding it harder to find and connect with someone who really “gets” them. Nobody takes time to understand anybody anymore, yet we’re all desperate to be understood! Marriages that once flourished are on the brink of divorce, and so many silently regret saying “I DO”. People feel trapped by responsibilities, suffering in relationships that no longer feed their minds, bodies and spirits. The divorce rate has skyrocketed. In the midst of all this, singles face hard choices when they become overlooked, over-aged, and overburdened with disappointments, family expectations and the weight of judgment from a world that keeps asking: “Shouldn’t you be married by now?

This is why so many decide not to marry. Deep down we all believe in ‘The One’, but very few are willing to make the choice to get OFF the beaten track and find true love and friendship in Destiny Marriage. We hear “There’s many roads to marriage! or “You don’t even need to be married to be in love! We also hear “Love who you want! and #LoveWins, but what does this have to do with The Process of finding someone to be there for you the rest of your life? Honestly, not much.

We’ll lay it out straight: We created this site for YOU. We curated this content, bravely sharing our testimonies and laying it bare to let YOU see how we found each other, to let YOU know it can happen for you. To remind you that you were made with a purpose and a destiny, and only the spouse of your destiny can really see you in the crowd and commit to walk out Life with you. If you want to know more about Destiny Relationships, Destiny Spouse or how to Find The Love You Want, keep coming back. You’ll take a journey you didn’t even know you were ready for, and Mr. and Mrs. Joasil at will be here for you every step of the way. Stay tuned for more.