Pastor Ciano Joasil is a man of many talents, interests and gifts, but chief among them is the calling he has for leading men and women into a right spiritual relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. He and his Destiny bride and ministry partner, Mrs. Joasil, truly believe in the power of God for Healing, Restoring and Establishing Destiny Partnerships under the covering of the holiness and sanctity of Marriage.

Ciano’s name is synonymous with passionate discourse in the things of Scripture, and he is called as a leader in this generation to speak life to the people of God in order to equip them to be leaders in their own right. The name “Joasil” is becoming more widely known as God expands the platform of this man of God to share wisdom, knowledge and understanding in the area of purity, holiness, pursuing God and the overall Process of obtaining Destiny Partnership and Supernatural Marriage in Christ.

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